March Mail Call - Post Commanders Message

Joseph Wolfgeher - 3/1/2020


I am truly honored to be your Post Commander. I continue to see the dedication of our post members and what we do to assist our community and Veterans. As our Congressional Charter states, one of the purposes of our organization shall be charitable. This past month we opened our doors to assist a group both financially and with a facility to cook for the homeless. This group recently cooked for 80 veterans at St Micheal's. We also have opened our door to an group that hosts cooking events, where they raise money for local Veterans in need. We have also passed a motion to support the Academy Parents Club of KC's golf tournament.

We also seen some significant improvements at our post. Some of these include some spending commitments that our membership approved, some is just sweat equity by our post members. New chairs, new bar stools, a new TV, re-tiling the handicap bathroom, reupholstering torn booth seating, and striping and buffing the floors are just a few things we've been upgrading. As soon as the weather gets warmer, we're going to start tackling the exterior. We'll need help so keep an eye out for where you can volunteer. Thank you to all those that have assisted, and if you haven’t been by lately please do.

As we just closed out an amazing February where we witnessed the Chief's bring home the national championship, we're looking forward to some great events in March. Our breakfast picks up again on Saturday, March 14th at 0800-1000. There has been a change this year. Membership has decided to raise the prices a dollar to $7 for adults and children under 10 are now $3. As the cost of food has increased, the post was not able to sustain our previous prices. This is still the best meal in town and our prices are still well below that of other establishments. I look forward to seeing you when this great service we provide to the community starts back up, and make sure to invite your friends, family, and your community. Don’t forget about the annual St Patrick’s day dinner. Our Post and Auxiliary member will be hard at work putting on this amazing meal this year.

Please keep visit our website for the post for all events and our Facebook page. This is a great way of keeping track on what’s going on in the post and community!

Semper Fidelis,

Post Commander Joseph Wolfgeher
Post Commander 7356