Comrades, the following is important information for your handling.  Please read the letter from the Missouri Department Adjutant first. Then at the bottom we have added instructions with links to help you navigate the request.


 A stable revenue source for the Missouri Veterans Commission (MVC) is the Department's FY-23 state legislative priority.  Basically, we are running a military style information campaign to push these folks to solve this problem, and this I need your support and active participation.

 Issue summary: A stable revenue source that is programmable across future budget years is vital to fulfilling the core mission of providing support to Missouri veterans.  Under the current scheme, Missouri Veterans Commission (MVC) funding for the operation and maintenance of State Veterans Homes, State Veterans Cemeteries, Veterans Service Officers Program, Veterans Grant Program and other veterans needs comes from three major sources.  These are the Dept of Veteran Affairs, Missouri Gaming Commission and the Missouri Veterans Health and Care Fund.  Instability in these revenues makes long-term budgetary programming problematic and often increases operating expenses. It is recommended that beginning in FY 2024, the MVC be resourced completely from general revenue. This would provide budgetary stability for the critical veteran’s services resourced by the MVC as well as enable the efficiencies achievable by programming activities across budget years.

 Here is our plan of action:

Letter writing campaign:

1.   I will send letters to the Governor, Lt Governor, Commissioner of administration, and Head, Division of Budget and Planning

2.  EachDistrict/Post send your state representatives/senators letters. 


1.    Every Post/District that has access to radio, use it and use the talking points provided.


 1.  Every Post/District that has a newsletter/reoccurring print access use it to promote provided talking points.

2.   Each Post send letters to the Editor to local newspapers.

 Social media:

   1.  Use talking points on each Post/District FB/website

   2.   Request partner organization (Chamber of Commerce, church, local government, etc…) Post talking points.

   3.  Twitter? Truth Social?   If you have access, use it.

 Encourage maximum participation at the January 24th "Rally at the Capitol.”

 Remind your Post to report this as Legislative reports.

 If you have any questions, contact our legislative Chairmen:


Troy Williams
(573) 814-6007

Randle M. Tolliver
(573) 924-2382



Royce Kelb
Department of Missouri”


Instructions regarding how to do the above.

1.     Have your 9-digit zip code handy then click here to find your congress person and senator.  Click on each of their pages and copy the address or email address located at the bottom of their pages.

2.     Click here to downlod the letters for the house or senate.  You will need to update the documents.

3.     Click here for the "Talking Points